Sunday, June 3, 2012

Joining Lab PPE Day

Well, security in the lab is a primary step for success in your job and career. Who wants to employ an ambulant danger, even if he is a genius? Wearing PPE (Personal protective equipment) and being always aware of risks, is important in every instant of your work-time. Please, never underestimate hazard and because you aren't invulnerable yet, so use (and abuse) of PPE is warmly recommended!

For me it is different, never happen an accident in over twenty year of lab, and I always enjoy to be eyesight and safe. Lab glasses, nitrile or anti-heat gloves, lab coat (better not using a white one if you work with inks and colors) and mask are always close to me, this let me focus to more interesting stuff.

On June 4, 2012, there is Lab PPE Day, a day to celebrate laboratory personal protective equipment, and help new chemists (and scientists!) understand the importance of wearing your PPE!

Chemjobber said:
Check out all the people participating in Lab PPE Day at the official Lab PPE Day Tumblr! Lots of great pictures of chemists that want to participate there, too!

If you'd like to participate and show young chemists that it's normal and common to wear lab PPE, you can Tweet a picture to @LabPPEDay or e-mail a picture to LabPPEDay -at- gmail/dot/com!

And this is me, working with colors!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dear Chemistry...

My dear chemistry, I’m writing to you
so I can take my mind off a bit
And since you are very far,
I’'ll write with more strenght.
Since when you’ve left
there is a big news:
the old year of chemistry have passed away,
but here somethin’ isn't working yet.

We go out seldom on the evenings
even when there's a holiday...
And there's people who put test tubes next to the window,
and we stay without speaking about chemistry for entire weeks,
and for those who have nothing to say,
they have more time for them.

But the web has said that the New Year
will bring a trasformation
and we are all already waiting!
It will be Mole-day three times,
and Science party all day long,
all the Chemists will get out from the Lab,
and also the drained brain will come back.

And there will be Oxygen and Hydrogen through all the year
and even dummies will be able to learn Stoichiometry
while biologists already can do it!

And we’ll make synthesis, everyone in the way he wants,
Even physicists will be allowed to distill,
but only at a certain age,
and without a lot of hassie, someone will disappear
they’ll be perhaps the most clever
or the idiots of every ages.

Look, my dear Chemistry, what I’m writing and telling to you,
and how happy I am,
to be here right now!
look, look, look, my dear friend,
what we have to invent,
to laugh about it,
to keep the hope alive!

And if this year would pass in an instant,
look, my dear Chemistry,
how it becames important
that in this instant I am here!

The year that is coming, in a year will pass
I’m getting ready, and this is the ... news!

This is a parody of a lovely italian song translated and adapted by me, originally written by Lucio Dalla: "L'anno che verrĂ " ("The year that will come"). He recently passed away and we already miss him. This is also my first post in english, as I am an italian blogger who likes chemistry and music, but I'm not an expert in neither of them, it's only pure passion! If you are curious about my work, check out my first italian blog, Il chimico impertinente, my real tumblr (mostly english), Xenogifh or my twitter coordinate: Flippantchemist! I'm also spreading world's chemical news for a 'Chemistry Popularization Italian Network' called Divulgazione Chimica in italian. Hope to see you again, and thank you for reading! :)

Here's the original one. Enjoy!